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Andrea Everman

ID MDes student with a background in product design, user experience and education seeks internship in design strategy or experience design.


Moment Design, NY User Experience Design Intern, Summer 2016

As part of Moment’s summer internship team I developed a concept project using augmented reality for elementary school education. This project involved researching users and an area of rapidly changing technology, evaluating multiple product ideas and creating a realistic solution for our stakeholders- fourth grade students and classroom teachers. To communicate our ideas we made a concept video, digital prototype demo, website and resource packet.

Our final project (called Peer) has been submitted to the 2017 Interaction Awards design competition.

BarnRaise ID 2015 student volunteer and participant, Fall 2015

Designed and built decor for the event space, participated in the collaboration sessions that paired the design firm Moment with the Chicago Women’s Health Center to find better ways to reach women who need health services. Performed a follow up interview with CWHC to gauge the effectiveness of the event and communicate possible improvements for future design conferences.

Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago  Installation Designer 2012- 2015

Developed entertainment and wayfinding features for various areas of the new hospital. One specific project involved creating a permanent installation for the hospital’s cancer treatment floor where young patients are isolated because of compromised immune systems. I created 12 different scenes built into the walls and nursing stations that function as a search-and-find activity.

HouseyHome  Product Designer 2012-2015

Designed and manufactured items for self owned business. Night lights, play mats, soft goods, creative children’s toys for the modern home. Supplies are locally sourced and production is kept in-house to minimize packaging waste.

Warner Brothers Animation & Spiffy Pictures  Model Maker 2012-2013

Designed and constructed realistic scale models used in Scooby Doo and the Mystery Map!  These consisted of the tree house, pirate ship, island and haunted light house used for establishing shots in the TV movie.

Marwen  Teaching Artist 2012-2014

Taught advanced art classes in puppetry and toy theater for middle school and high school students. Marwen is a not for profit organization that seeks to inspire under-served young people through the visual arts.

Chicago Shakespeare Theatre and Redmoon  Art Director 2011-2012

Controlled multiple layers of visual elements to create a unique version of Shakespeare’s play The Tempest. Some of these elements included carved wooden puppets, shadow projections, gramophones and a giant trick table used as a stage.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Redmoon  Designer 2009

I interpreted the story of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake into shadow imagery. Teams of performers used shadow puppets and paper cuts on projectors to create a live animation projected above the orchestra.


IIT Institute of Design

MDes candidate 2018

Recipient of an alumni fellowship award

Completed ID’s foundation year program

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

BFA 2001

Art Education Certification 2001


Art direction, user research and testing, process mapping and design frameworks

Storytelling, empathy, curiosity

Pixate, Sketch, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Rhino, AutoCad, KeyShot 

Prototyping, wood and metal construction, sculpting, laser cutting, soft good patterns, material research


I use drawings to think and carry a sketchbook everywhere.

I once dressed Yo-yo Ma in swan feathers. He is a very patient man.

I love thinking about people and notice things like comfort levels, learning styles and group dynamics all the time.  I enjoy breaking down a process and clarifying fuzzy problems.

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