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Andrea Everman

I'm a curious, visual thinker looking for opportunities to impact people's lives through digital or communication experiences. I frequently rely on my background in fine arts and theater to envision concepts for the future and build ideas with others.


Patient Education: CEBRE Communicating the External Beam Radiation Experience

Student project for University of Chicago's Silver Cross Radiation Clinic  Fall 2017    

Cancer patients are overwhelmed with information about the treatment process. How can communicating with comics help? Research involved site visits, patient and staff interviews and understanding the external beam radiation treatment process. We worked closely with University of Chicago client to develop and informative comic that meets patient needs. Final prototype will be tested with local patient population spring 2018 and then shared with other treatment centers. Comics is a new area of patient education and improves info retention and patient compliance. Our project will be submitted for publication in medical journals summer 2018.

Data and Communities: PULSE Trust building for communities and first responders

Student project for Motorola Solutions Chicago IL   Fall 2017                                          

A lack of trust and poor communication flows prevent collaboration between communities and first responders. How can the situation be improved? We researched information flows, open data, social media and mindsets. Interviewed data scientists, police officers and community members. My team developed a new data sharing loop and dashboard with considerations for for privacy, agency and transparency for data collection. Created paper prototypes and scenarios for client feedback. Used digital prototypes,  people and pizzas to test user mindsets with social media. Delivered our final concepts in a presentation to Motorola Solutions' UX team and staff, which included scenarios, a system map and an interactive digital prototype.

Design Research: Mindsets and Opportunity Spaces

Design Research Intern, Conifer Research Chicago IL   Summer 2017                

Performed field observations, user surveys, interviews and usability testing. Delivered summaries of user reactions to client's prototypes, explaining where people had insufficient mental models to successfully use services. Created personas and mapped out opportunity spaces to help an international brand shift internal resources and stay competitive.

Design Research: The Future of Cancer Prevention

Student project for a leading cancer research hospital in the US  Spring 2017        

Under the direction of ID professor Jeremy Alexis, I was part of a team that researched four areas considered key for the future of cancer detection and prevention: data collection and privacy, reframing risk, sustained engagement and hub services. Our team reframed these topics then found parallel examples and interviewed experts to develop case studies for each category. We used weekly meetings and workshops to tailor the research to our client's needs. We compiled our findings into an info packet of case studies and presented the best-practices in a final workshop with the client and stakeholders form other hospital departments.

Mixed Reality Concept: Peer Bringing STEAM education to classrooms

User Experience Design Intern, Moment Design New York, NY   Summer 2016      

Mixed and augmented reality offer new capabilities and challenges. How can they be used to bring STEAM education to classrooms? We researched a rapidly changing technology and speculated about the needs in elementary education. We invented a way to prototype AR together as a group using paper props. We developed an interactive digital prototype, a concept video, website and resource file to share our research and tools. Our final project– called Peer is the winner of a 2017 Interaction Award and a 2017 AIGA (Re)Design Award. The project has also received Honorable Mention in the Experimental and Student categories of the Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards 2017.

Immersive Environment for Unique Patient Population

Designer, Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago, Chicago IL   2012 - 2015           

Worked closely with hospital staff and counselors to understand the needs of a unique patient population and their families. Included feedback from nurses, doctors and families in the art direction of the project. Work needed to meet strict hospital environment restrictions. Created installations that function as entertainment and decor for patients and their families. These included discovery boxes built into walls and nurses stations as well as artwork for examination rooms and common areas.


IIT Institute of Design

Masters of Design 2018

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

BFA 2001


2017 IXDA Interaction Award

2017 AIGA (Re)Design Award

2015-17 IIT Institute of Design Alumni Fellowship Award


Design strategy: research, frameworks, mental models, personas and user journeys

Building concepts: storytelling, scenarios, paper prototypes, storyboards

Group facilitation: workshops, empathy, curiosity

Visuals: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, sketching

Digital: wireframes and prototypes, Python, JavaScript D3


I have over 10 years experience in designing for theater, product development and art education. I think often about how people learn and work together. Creative collaborations with people give me momentum.

I once dressed Yo-yo Ma in swan feathers. He is a very patient man.

I enjoy breaking down chaos into systems and re-framing problems. Most of the world is fascinating.

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